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cromag nation 

CROMAG NATION is the brainchild of Tommy Zman, a Facebook community (founded in 2012) celebrating the hormonal gift of testosterone that our Maker has bestowed upon us. It's not a physical destination, but rather an ideology – a lifestyle that bonds us, creating camaraderie among fellow travelers, affectionately know as Cromags. We’re men's men just being ourselves without having to apologize for it. 


CROMAGS enjoy life to the max & are brutally passionate about our love interests, such as libations like whiskey, spirits, and beer, premium cigars, sports, gambling and Vegas, cool cars, wicked bikes, man-food: steaks, ribs, burgers, bacon and BBQ, music like rock, metal, blues and Sinatra, classic guy flicks and of course, beautiful women. We support the US Military, and we believe that freedom is truly a privilege that should never be taken for granted. 

This is a community uniting men under a common flag, one that brazenly defies those who wish to oppress our rights as free-thinking, conscious-minded adults. We acknowledge that our DNA made us this way and we will not bow to the absurd notions and pressures of how the politically correct think we should behave. Bottom Line: WE DO NOT need to be saved from ourselves!

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