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The Last Great Bastion for Real Men™

The Tommy Zman Show is a passionate men’s lifestyle program that celebrates the hormonal gift of testosterone that our maker has bestowed upon us. This brazen and humorous podcast echoes the voices of Men’s-Men who don’t take kindly to the disease known as political correctness. We stand up for our personal adult freedoms – exercising our right to enjoy life the way we see fit, without the nanny-state bureaucrats trying to save us from ourselves. We acknowledge that our DNA made us this way and we will never apologize for it.

Host: Author & humorist, Tommy Zman Zarzecki is an ardent defender of the 1st Amendment and the facilitator of manliness of this testosterone-laden broadcast. Each week, listeners are brought along for a rebellious ride that promises brutally honest talk and lots of good laughs, all while stimulating the beast within.


Format: Honest unfiltered talk & killer interviews while discussing an array of passion-filled men’s lifestyle subject matter: Man-food (steak, BBQ, burgers & bacon), cigars, whiskey, women (both beautiful, and smart), poker and casino, beer, sports, hot cars, cool bikes, manly music (rock, metal, blues & Sinatra), guy flicks, & never-ending support for the members of our military.

Launch Date - 2020

Time & Place - A weekly 45-minute show that can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Youtube & Soundcloud.

Tone & Style - Irreverent, passionate, witty, humorous, rebellious, honest, confident, nostalgic and always down to earth.

Demographic - Our audience: Men’s-Men who enjoy their passions in life. While listener ages range from 30 – 65, there’s a large sweet spot age range of 35 to 54 that comprises more than 60% of our fan base.


Host’s Background - Tommy Zarzecki Jr. is an author, humorist, personality, and a veteran brand marketing exec. A true renaissance man, this lifelong Jersey native has a large social media presence, while continually keeping his finger on the pulse of what is important to men. Tommy was the media, video and radio voice for the online retail giant FAMOUS for over 6 years and gathered a faithful following as Editor and feature writer at Cigar Advisor Magazine. His testosterone-packed Facebook community, CROMAG NATION is the inspiration behind this  podcast. He’s also a longtime regular guest on Sirius/XM as well as terrestrial radio and internet-based shows.

The Show’s Unique Value Propositions

Exclusivity & CamaraderieLike-minded individuals banding together & embracing our loves in life

Nostalgic & Passionate: Emotional subject matter & mental imagery that stirs the mind & fires up the soul

Disdain for the Politically Correct & Nanny Stateism:  ZERO Tolerance 

Freedom: Don’t tell us how to live our lives & try to save us from ourselves

Humor: Trust us, you’re going to laugh…

Contact Us @ the Zman Media Group

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