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4 Greatest Cigar Smoking Athletes Ever

Babe Ruth smoking a cigar
The Babe loved his cigars, booze & the ladies

I wrote The 4 Greatest Smoking Athletes of All Time for the popular website, The Richest, as I was asked to pick my four top cigar smoking sports heroes who ever graced the field of play. It may be a short list, but I've got some seriously cool info and stats about this famous foursome that you'll find pretty fascinating. Superstar athletes make a whole lotta coin and can afford the very best when it comes to their smoky pastime. But OMG, wait til you see the sick numbers the Bambino put up in his first 3 seasons in the majors. Note: You'll be totally surprised who made #1 on my leafy list...

CLICK the LINK above to read this piece of mine that got an amazing amount of views ^

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