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Zman's Dr Pepper Sweet n' Juicy Ribs

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Summer and BBQ, yeah... Here's a spare rib recipe that’s not only crazy delicious, but stupid-simple to prepare. Trust me, my Dr Pepper™ Ribs are a CROMAG's dream.

Tommy Zman's Dr. Pepper ribs will rock your summer barbecue. WARNING: this may cause you to eat your screen.

Yo... here's what you’re gonna need…

1 or 2 racks of ribs (any style you like)

1 can of Dr Pepper™ soda

Garlic Powder . Brown Sugar . Black Pepper

Hardware: 1 baking pan, aluminum foil, your oven and your bbq grill. Plus, a few ice cold beers of choice and a good cigar while you're waiting for these juicy bitches to cook.

1. First off, it doesn’t matter if your ribs are a larger country-style rack or a smaller baby back cut. Okay... Just place a rack or two on a large baking sheet. Proceed to pour a half a can or more of the soda over the top of each rack. The acidity and the sugar in the soda helps to break down the rib meat, tenderize it and give it a nice slight sweetness.

2. Sprinkle just a light coating of garlic powder over both sides of the ribs. Then sprinkle a very light coating of brown sugar on top and a little coarse black pepper.

3. Cover the pan with aluminum foil – don’t drain the soda, let it sit right in there - and place the pan in an oven set at 250 degrees for 3 hours (for really large racks you can go and addition half hour). The purpose of the soda is that it actually steams the meat at that low temperature, making it incredibly juicy, moist, and flavorful. (Yeah, I said moist).

4. The next step is to take the ribs out of the oven and fire up your outdoor grill. Place the racks on your grill at a medium heat for 20 minutes to half an hour or so (depending on the size of the racks) in order to cook them through, making them crispy on the outside. You can coat the ribs with your favorite type of sauce for the last ten minutes (don’t put the sauce on too early because it will burn over the open flame.)

5. And the final step: DEVOUR those incredibly sweet and tender bad boys, accompanied by grilled corn on the cob, a tasty homemade potato salad, and an icy cold brew to wash it all down. For dessert: A good cigar and a belt of you're favorite whiskey.

How about leaving a comment below on how this sounds and how your do your ribs!

~ Tommy Zman

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